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development of innovative enterprises, enterprises rely Henan Province has set

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Group Henan the Miles Road Bridge Group is the conservation of roads and bridges new technology research and promotion and conservation technology consulting services for the main business of high-tech enterprises, production and sales of the Group of 12 member companies to conservation detect design consulting, conservation construction of the new technology, road maintenance machinery R & Droad and bridges maintenance of road maintenance materials R & D and production and sales of color pavement design, construction, transport mechanical and electrical construction business component of the whole industry chain, road transport and urban construction of municipal industrial customers to provide road bridge maintenance service. Group adhere to the road of "research" combined development of innovative enterprises, enterprises rely Henan Province has set up a road maintenance engineering technology research center, post-doctoral research and development base in Henan Province, Henan Province, cleaning equipment engineering technology research center, Henan Province new type of high-grade highway pavement structure academician workstation several technology research institutions, the Group's team of experts take on a large number of national, provincial and municipal levels of scientific and technological projects, maintenance of roads and bridges, new technology, new equipment, new materials research has made ​​almost a hundred scientific and technological achievements and national patents.
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